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Driver: Colin Healey from White Noise Racing

Navigator: Jason

Meet the Tombstone...

White Noise Racing in conjunction with Nissan Patrol Parts have built a new rig to compete in the locked class of the Rockit Toowoomba comp.

The new rig is a 1998 GU Patrol with a 4 inch lift comprising of Kings Springs and Commando shocks, Roadsafe rear upper and lower control arms, drop out cones and spring retainers, front hybrid arms and comp spec draglink and steering arms and adjustable front and rear panhard rods. Front diff has an ARB Air locker and rear diff is a factory locker.

It has custom bar work all round and the Patrol has been painted blue with the bar work a custom red.

Scotty was given the mammoth task of painting the rig in less than a week and it looks the part.

Then Mark and Sidra from M&D Autoline were given the job to signwrite it, which turned out awesome.

So what does I t mean for  the old GQ (The Green Machine)? Well it will still run in the Rockit Toowoomba comp but in standard class with Rhys driving it and Matt as the Navi.

As for the GU I will remain behind the wheel and Jason has returned to the team as the Navi.

So a massive thanks to all the team at Nissan Patrol Parts for their involvement and supplying the GU and all the parts to get it ready for round 1. I am sure we will have loads of success with it.


Driver: Colin & Rhys Healey from White Noise Racing

Navigator: Matt

Get to know the Original Comp Truck... (I Nicknamed the Green Machine)

Introducing Colin Healey from White noise Racing & His 1989 TD42 Nissan Patrol.

I purchased the 1989 GQ ST Nissan Patrol in late 2014 as a rolling shell after the old patrol was written off in a 4x4 comp, it spent 7 months at a mates place being rebuilt. With a few mods being done along the way to try to strengthen it up so the same thing couldn't happen as it did to the last one. it received a full respray in satin black which was then cleared over.

It's a 1989 GQ ST Patrol with a TD42 running factory GU turbo and intercooler, LPG Injection and an XYGT Shaker to force the air through the intercooler. Its running gas struts instead of the bonnet stay to hold the bonnet up and has a duel battery system with the ability to jump start itself if the main battery dies. It has GU diffs running 4.3 ratio and a GU steering box. the rear quarters have been chopped to allow for clearance and the custom bar work. Its running a Runva 9000 pound winch HID spotlights and slimline light bar on a modified TJM bullbar. On the roof its running a 3/4 length roof rack with a 2.5 x 3 metre 1.5 x 2.5 metre awning on the rear with a corner section to join the both together for more under cover area and a tent that attaches to the side awning, a 42" light bar with a pair of side lights and a set of treads. Inside it has a standard ST interior with all the comforts that the ST's had like electric windows and mirrors and full velour trim. To keep an eye on the running's of the 4.2 its running a EGT gauge Boost gauge, Oil pressure and Oil Temp gauges, Water Temp gauge Vacuum gauge and Duel Volts Gauge. It also has onboard air drawer system and roof console with uniden UHF's.

Since is rebuild it has competed in the Tough Tracks 4x4 Challenge and finished 3rd in its debut year in 2015 then Finished 1st in 2016. it also got runner up as the pinkest car for the Pink Run for Breast Cancer.
None of this would have been possible without the help of Alan and Elizabeth Smith for their tireless help and the use of their home for the build. there were many late night and huge weekends put in to have it all done. so thank you. Also to my loving wife who supported me through all of the trials and tribulations grumpiness and everything else that came with the build and competing. And to all of our sponsors, Nissan Patrol Parts Beenleigh, who are always helping out with new and used parts to keep the ole girl running after being punished in the comps throughout the year, Tough Toys who supplied the awnings, Tent, winch and recovery points, Royal Lubricants who keep the lubricants up to the engine diffs and gearbox to keep everything running smoothly, Auto One Browns Pains who help out with good pricing on anything else that is needed to keep the ol girl going and to Janowen Hills 4x4 Park, with out guys like you we don't have the places to go to be able to do what we do. Scotty who helped get the Patrol ready for the photo shoot and took some amazing shots. And last but certainly not least, my navie Jason Harris who has been there since this rig has been competing helping me get it through all the tight and difficult at times tracks with as little damage as possible and to get us the 1st overall last year well done mate, could not have done it without you.

​                                                                                Colin Healey

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